The Unexpected Ways to Be More Productive With Your Side Hustle

Side hustles are the new norm. More and more people are finding themselves with a full-time job, but they also have another side hustle that is bringing in extra income to their household.

Whether it’s a blog or an Etsy shop, there is always room for improvement! I don’t know about you, but running a freelance business as well as a content business means I get overworked and lose my productivity. If you recently started your side hustle business here are three easy tips you can use to be more productive on your side hustle so you can start making money in less time!

Keep Your Phone in Airplane Mode to Avoid Distractions

When you work on your side hustle you’ll quickly find yourself with notifications buzzing on the screen and distracting you during important meetings or when you are writing content. However, it’s a good idea to put your phone in airplane mode so that people who don’t know how won’t see what you’re doing. It will also help you keep your phone out of sight so you can focus on the task at hand!

For me, since my husband also works on his side hustle at home, we often message each other and when I’m ready to work I have to silence him completely or else I’ll be thinking about other things like getting my twins ready for school or having to buy a curtain for the hallway.

Turning off my phone for a few hours will not only allow me to focus on the task at hand, but it also helps me avoid distractions from loved ones so I can get more done!

Make Use of the Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro technique is a time management method that breaks work into intervals, typically 25 minutes of intense focus followed by five-minute breaks. The timer goes off to signal the end of each interval and when you’re done with one cycle it starts over again!

I use this on my side hustles because I have trouble focusing for long periods of time (or have too many distractions with my family) and I use these intervals to get my work done faster. For example, when I’m working on a blog post for clients instead of trying to write for an hour straight I’ll do 25 minutes then take five minute break.

My breaks get me to stand up, move around and if I’m up for it, do some sprint exercises to stay healthy since I sit for most of the day. Similarly, if you’re doing something like editing photos or answering customer support as a VA, it’s best if you can set aside short periods of time to do the task.

The Pomodoro technique has helped me in many ways, from completing work more quickly to being less distracted by others while I’m working on my side hustle! It’s not always easy when you’re running a freelance business and have other responsibilities like parenting so it can be helpful to find new methods for staying productive.

Create a Set of Tasks that NEED to Be Done Before Noon

Maintaining a side hustle can be tough on top of full-time work so it’s important to know what tasks need to get done before noon or you’ll end up with no time left in the day. For example, if you’re running your own blog this is crucial because people will depend on new posts from you and if that’s not a priority, the rest of your tasks will suffer.

That’s why it might be best to create a set of tasks that NEED to get done before noon so you can make sure those are completed first and have time for everything else! So, if I’m running my own blog then I need to do research (to see what people are talking about and what my competitors are writing), outline the article, write it and then take a break (remember the Pomodoro technique?). I then start on an outline for my content and being my introduction.

If I don’t have time for that before noon then I won’t be able to do anything else until later in the day when everyone is asleep! A lot of people say they can work much better at night because their kids go to bed and they don’t have other distractions.

This is great if you can get your work done before noon but it’s not always possible so create a set of tasks that need to be completed by noon! This is something I have been doing for years since my twins are home and I want to be present with them for most of the day.

Bonus: Keep Track of How Long You Spend on Each Task

In my opinion, keeping track of how long you spend on each task is important because it’s easy to lose time and not realize when that happens. For example, I found out last year that I was going over by 30 minutes in a day with the work I did for clients thanks using the app Toggl.

I didn’t know I was spending too much time on one project until I tried this app and it’s the number one reason why I make sure to track my work now!

Keeping your tasks in order (and knowing how long each take) can also help you figure out what needs to get done before noon or what has been taking up more of your focus than others. There have even been times when I’ve found myself spending too much time on one project because I’m not focusing on the others that have deadlines.

For example, when I was freelancing a lot for clients and also had my own blog posts to write it became obvious that some of those tasks needed more attention than others. If you’re running your freelance business then knowing what needs to get done before noon and how long each task takes is crucial so you can plan your day accordingly.

Final Thoughts

You have a side hustle and full-time job so you’re probably already feeling like your time is stretched thin. But I hope these things make it easier to be more productive in your side hustle, too! These simple tricks should give you an extra boost of energy and motivation to tackle whatever comes next. What do these productivity hacks mean for you?




Data Analysis and ML| UI Designer | Python |Tableau |AR |Arduino |React Native

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Akash Singh

Akash Singh

Data Analysis and ML| UI Designer | Python |Tableau |AR |Arduino |React Native

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