Why i choose Computer Science for my carrier

So when i was a little kid i was influenced toward Engineering mostly by my cousins (also an engineer) and movies like IronMan , The social network, and all that futuristic series.I always thought if one day i’ll be able to sit on a 4–5 screen computer desk and save humanity by writing some code.The amazing things we can accomplish using computer knowledge always baffled me. And admit that at one stage every single one of us wanted to be a hacker. I had similar intentions at first but then I realised there are many other interesting things to do.

Why Computer Science?

Computer Science doesn’t need much of an introduction — it is the most popular branch of Engineering and one of the most “visible” industries in the world today. There are so many success stories about people who chose this field and are now are on top of their game, that it’s unnecessary to give examples

Gone are those days when it was just about fixing computers or laptops. There are infinite options, but here are a few popular areas:

  1. Cloud computing
  2. Machine Learning Engineer
  3. Programming
  4. Software Developer
  5. Database Administrator
  6. Web Developer
  7. Data Engineer
  8. Cybersecurity Expert

Computer Science is actually a part of nearly everything nowadays! Ever thought of biotechnology, nanotechnology or robotics? A degree in computing could lead to any one of these fields too.

Next, what makes it a lucrative career choice for any student?

  • Job opportunities are always evolving and available
  • The pay isn’t bad. In fact, if you are good at it, you can expect very generous pay indeed.
  • It’s universal. Whatever you learn is applicable worldwide.
  • Internships are more easily available to CSE students (compared to others) so you can earn and learn while at college. (Caution: Working hard to learn the relevant skill is an investment you need to make)
  • You learn and apply problem-solving skills. Because you need to solve the problem first in CSE i.e write the algorithm first and then code it in any of your languages.

I thought the best part about studying computer science is that it’s practical. At least for me, it is. You won’t just learn the theoretical part (like an atom in chemistry or waves in physics) but also get the opportunity to apply things when you do them practically and make something from scratch by sitting on your computer maybe code a million dollar app.




Data Analysis and ML| UI Designer | Python |Tableau |AR |Arduino |React Native

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Akash Singh

Akash Singh

Data Analysis and ML| UI Designer | Python |Tableau |AR |Arduino |React Native

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